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3NEPHI 8 to11 «Arise and come forth»

Jesus Christ’s visit to «his other sheep «in America is the climax of the book of Mormon .It’s the highlight . All the prophets before were announcing his coming ..And here HE IS ...And here is the opportunity for us to gain a personal testimony of Him.

3 Nephi 8:5 : look at the date ..Daniel Ludlow explains that the first month mentionned here is in Spring between the middle of March and April which corresponds to the hebrew calendar. ..
And it’s as if the Lord is preaching through the instrument of nature ...In the cosmology of the ancients the 4 elements are : the Earth, Water, Fire and Air. As we read about the 16 places destroyed, some were covered by earth, some burned with fire, some sank into the depths of the sea, some were carried away inthe whirlwind ... Josephus inthe «Antiquities of the Jews «tied 4 aspects of the temple veils to these 4 elements : they were made of linen (which means the earth), and dyed purple which signified the sea (the colour of the blood of a sea shell fish), blue signified the air, and red the fire. He also tied these colours and elements to the vestments of the Highpriest.
Jesus is the ultimate High Priest and is able to use these elements either for creation or destruction ...These verses may be be said to describe the UN-creation of the world. As the Creator of all life suffers on the cross, the Earth mourns; Zenos is mentionned, he said «The god of Nature suffers» he also mentions the «groanings of the earth»(1 Nephi 19:12)..
Why these destructions? Those people had killed those who were righteous and the fullness of iniquityis slaying the prophets.
In fact the Saviour is not a destroyer: the natural effects of all our choices and sins is going to end in disaster, in chaos ... God wants to pull us out of that… The prophets were just giving the escape route.
In chapter 9 verse 2 Jesus says it’s the devil who is rejoicing and Jesus calls the survivors, inviting them once more: look at verse 13. At the end of this verse there is the whole reason for everything, his whole purpose : «that I may heal you,»,bless you. Chapter 9:13,14 .Come is repeated 3 times .
Then He introduces Himself into a disaster zone with a gesture which is a lesson in itself stretching his hand : He is within reaching distance He reaches my reaching. He breaks the barriers
(Remember the woman who touched his robe and was healed,remember Peter drowning)
When I take the rope of my life and put it in the palm of my savior I have a broken heart ..See chapter 9 verse 20 .
How do I hear Him ? This is our prophet’s exhortation. Let’s reread and meditate on President Nelson ‘s talk given last April «Hear Him «.All this lesson is about Hearing Him.
4 times the Lord repeats that he wants to gather them : He has, in the past; he would have but they didn’t want ,he would gather them now , and he will in the future ….chapter 10:4,5,6,7.
Why the analogy with the hen and the chicks? A hen protects her chicks, and nourishes them, just like the Lord protects and nourishes with his love and his teachings.
Chapter11: People are conversing about Jesus Christ. The place is very important: Bountiful, a city which was torn becomes a holy city and everybody is drawn to the temple and they heard a voice and didn’t understand ... they had to open their ears, their eyes and their heart to understand :chapter11:3,4,5,6.
President Nelson tells us: « In a loud world, a world of chaos, and conflicting voices, know who to listen to ...It’s imperative to know how the spirit speaks to you...He communicates simply, quietly and with stunning plainness. Daily immersion in the world of God is crucial for spiritual survival ».
The father also spoke at the baptism of Jesus, on the mount of transfiguration, and for the first vision.
Then Jesus introduces himself:
1)My coming was foretold by the prophets 3 Nephi11:10
2) Iam the light and the Life of the world 3 Nephi11:11
3) I have drunk out of the bitter cup ( remember the last taste of the saviour’slife before he died was vinegar ,bitterness) ..Jeffrey Holland said «This is the wounded Christ who is the captain of our souls « We can remember the Saviour when taking the sacrament : I’ll drink the bitter cup for you and I’m going to give you another cup(we could remember this in our heart).
4) I obeyed the father
5) I took upon me all the sins
And Jesus teaches the gathered people and invites each of them «one by one». He teaches them a new law «The phrase «my doctrine appears 8 times in 3 Nephi: 32 to 41 and he underlines what is not his doctrine: Contention is not his doctrine. Contention is the destroyer of all relationships The devil is the father of contention. Let’s abandon contention in our homes, and more importantly in our hearts,
Throughout these chapters the message of Jesus is to gather, protect and heal.
Let’s remember the very first word of doctrine and covenants «Hearken» which means «to listen with the intent to obey» This is also our prophet’s injunction now. And remember we’re all children of God and must learn how to become a real child : see chapter 11:37,38.

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