dimanche 27 septembre 2020


3 Nephi:12 to 16 «I am the Law and the Light»
It’s a new world: Jesus is visiting his other sheep around the temple in Bountiful. In chapter 11 he organized his church, calling and instructing the 12 ...He repeats the sermon on the Mount that we can read in the new testament Matthew chapter 5 and 6 with subtle but significant differences ….
Why was it so important to repeat it ?
Here the people have no doubt: Jesus is resurrected.
And there are 3 new beatitudes : chapter 12:1 Blessed are the ones who give heed to the ones who
have been given authority, blessed are the ones who listen and are baptized and verse 2 more
blessed are the ones who believe in «your words», that is the ones who believe the story ...»
«The Beatitudes are a new constitution for a happy life», it’s a new way of living in «an upside down kingdom different from the rest of the world .
The man is searching for vain happiness in the world and get false promises
In Christ, it is where we set our hearts that matters ...
It’s where to find real joy
In the world, If happiness is money and means, the false promise is you can buy everything for a price.
In Christ, if you are poor in spirit, when you are lacking, you are blessed and can have an eternal kingdom of joy. With escapism and partying, you think you’ll never face your fears again.
In Christ if you mourn and cry and your heart is broken, He will come to mend you, he will
comfort you
You may think to have it your own way to get power and prestige ...
In Christ if you are meek you become content where you are and will see God in everything.
In the world feasting and getting what you want means instant gratification: you want it, you get it
In Christ if you fast and hunger after righteousness, your soul is filled with God’s spirit, He will come to fill you.
For many, Justice and even means : «revenge will be so sweet»
In Christ if you have mercy you’ll receive the Son’s mercy
Hedonism and promiscuity are proned to feel good (for a moment!)
But in Christ the pure in heart will see God
Conquering and defeating someone means rising above them all
But in Christ a peacemaker becomes a child of God (when you are a peacemaker you are hated by both parties in the world that’s why you are reviled!)
Looking for fame, flattery and praise of the world may mean everybody will love you
But in Christ, if you are persecuted for his name you’ll get great joy and exceeding gladness
We can re-understand the Beatitudes: when we offer our heart to someone in need , our heart will become like His. When we look for good then we’ll find God. When our relationships need reconciliation our father in Heaven gives peace. When we feel «we don’t belong» He has welcome us ...In fact pain, ache, struggle will lead to Him.
The gospel is one of abundance, like the name of Bountiful where this event takes place...We can live endlessly of the Lord’s light, love and never have less. Where are our eyes and heart focused?
What do we treasure?
He invites us to a Higher Law invitation and blessings come from stretching. In this new type of life, He focuses on the insides of us...Up to now people were living the law of Moses, it was an outward law, everything was measured, prescribed, calculated ...Here we are engaged in an inward journey, we are connected in real life, engaged with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
With full purpose of heart, we can train our desires and go as far as we can. See chapter 12:39 to 44.
Jesus reteaches us how to pray our Father: chapter12:3,19,20,23,24. All the verses emphasize coming unto him with full purpose of the heart, then going as far as we can.
We can’t have 2 masters chapter13:24 we must choose... In fact the Lord is growing us and helps us to live deep… He is trying to make us complete and it requires to leave what is comfortable to gain wholeness and fullness. He shows an abundant life «Let’s us listen to his voice: Let’s do our best to learn, to love, to grow. But let Him be part of it all
In the whirlwinds of life, let Him stand with us at the center, performing wonders that only He
To fulfill all we are means to be as God ‘children.
He is the Law, the center and the foundation of all creation and God’s plan
Let’s» trust and listen to this message in order to live
in Light that can never ever be darkened
in Love that never fails
in Joy that knows no end»


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