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Alma 39 to 42 The Great Plan of Happiness
4 chapters of the book of Alma ten pages ... why did Mormon compile all of this advice given to a sinful son, neglectful in his missionary calling and priorities? The Book of Mormon is for us, for our day and Alma's counsel, this father's counsel to his sinful son teaches us the essentials of Heavenly Father's plan for each of his children.
Chapter 39 is summarized in verse 7: chapter where Alma takes again what is reproached to Corianthon with first of all his vanity verse 2 which carries away everything else ...
Alma teaches his son to avoid sin
1) verse 8: Do not hide your crimes from God
2) verse 9: Repent, no longer follow the lust of your eyes, renounce yourself, remember
3) verse 10: Take counsel to be nourished
4) verse 13: Recognize your faults, turn completely to the Lord
In this chapter there is not just a list of doctrines, but all the points that point to Jesus Christ.
In chapter 40 We learn a lot about the personality of Alma who dialogues with his son: he uses the questions, those that his son asks himself, his own thoughts, his doubts, distinguishes his opinions from divine truths, asks his son what whatever he thinks ... it's all an intense work of real communication.
Chapter 41 is the one that explains the keyword Restoration of the last general conference.
See verses 12-15 A process of bringing everything back to the Lord who is the refiner and in this process our desires are very important
The big plan chapter 42
See Dallin Oaks' address from the last General conference
Here this plan is named:
a) the plan of happiness verse 8
b) the plan of redemption verse 11
c) the plan of restoration verse 2 of ch 41
d) the plan of mercy verse 15
In fact, everything points to Jesus the only solution to reconcile justice and mercy verse 24
We can summarize everything with 2 trees: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil 42: 7 and the fall between the two mortality: life on earth with all the consequences…. And the tree of restoration that leads back to God.
Corianthon cares about divine justice verse 1 chapter 42 Alma goes through this question of his son instructing us on justice and mercy: A law is established, it is the law that brings about punishment and not God. Punishment is the consequence It is our choices that have consequences. Alma Reframes Everything: The Plan of Mercy Saves Man Verse 15
Alma sees his son's potential, tells him to return to the ministry verse 31 Corianthon is still called and we see in chapter 48 that he seems to have repented, he is with his brothers and his father
For me, verse 30 chapter 42 is for each of us today and sums it all up.

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