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<Preserved by His Marvelous power “Alma 53 à 63”

Those chapters are about both the low and the high points of the Nephite nation There is a hum of continual war due mainly to the « contentions and dissensions. At the same time, just like a light in a dark world , we can see the power of goodness in Helaman’s 2060 warriors .Not only liberty and religion are at stake , but also the entire Nephite nation
Because of a covenant they had made , an oath to God , the people of Ammon couldn’t take up arms to defend the nation and they were even ready to break the oath to help the Nephites on the brink of destruction. There was a dilemma ...but also a solution Alma 53:16,17 ... 2060 young warriors who were 2000 at first and 60 more came to help .They fought 2 terrible wars and were wounded What helped them to win? They were not numerous , but:
Alma 56:5 Even if Helaman is at first a spiritual leader The young warriors chose him as a war leader Alma:27,29 Their fathers supported them!They provided food and other things Alma 56:47,48 They remembered their mothers’words They had been taught to obey with exactness
Alma 57:25 They were all wounded , but thanks to the goodness of God could survive
Who do you send in most dangerous circumstances? Alma 53:20 The young warriors were covenanted , Have fought in all cases even if they had not been trained at war They assembled , they had great support , they were extremely valiant ,active ( the contrary of apathetic), they had courage , strength, They were true at all times , sober, obedient, upright, and trusted God
Look at President Monson’s speech « Willing and worthy to serve» General conference april 2012 (the story of the wounded marines ) and president Hinckley « If you be willing and obedient » General conference october 1971.. We will be wounded by our own choices and short-sidedness .We need the Savior’satonement and grace every day !
Now let’s have a look at Moroni’s heated letter to Pahoran who is the head of the nephite government . Moroni doesn’t mince any words and even condemns Pahoran as Moroni’s army is in deep peril and a great slaughter had come to the Nephites Alma 60:3, 4, 22....
And what about Pahoran’s answer ? It’s a wonderful example of forgiveness and not taking offense Alma 61:9 Satan seeks to divide us Diablo means the divider ...
Brigham Young said «He who takes offense when offense was not intended is a fool ,yet he who takes offense when offense is intended is an even greater fool for he has succombed to the will of his adversary « Sometimes we are vulnerable to taking offense because it plays on our insecurity .We carry hurt when we could have dismissed it .
See elder Bednar «And nothing shall offend them?»general conference octobre 2006 A society stirred up in anger against itself cannot stand ,because division only leads to dissolution .We can disagree with each other with love ,calm, with an ear to listen .Blessed are the Pahorans of the world ...

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